• 3 Tips to Get the Best Online Security

    If you were to ask one hundred different IT security experts how to protect yourself online you would likely get hundreds of different answers. However, there are a few answers that would come up more often than others. Those answers are the ones you should focus your time or resources towards if you want to have the best online security.

    Tip #1: Backup your Files


    What happens when you have a good security procedure in place and something bad squeaks through the cracks? It happens even in expensive corporate set-ups because there are just so many different things online that could potentially get onto your computer and harm it.

    Typically harmful files will delete your important files and can even access your confidential information for use by someone else later. What would you do if all your files were deleted? I’m guessing you have more than a few important files that you would hate to lose. This is why the first step in a great online security setup is to prepare for the worst case and have an automatic backup in place. Internet providers like Windstream incorporate file backups into their security packages to cover you no matter what the case is.

    Tip #2: Have active virus protection


    Virus protection is a vital part of online security. There are two parts to a good virus protection system, a firewall and a scanner. The firewall should always be enabled while you’re online. It works to recognize potential dangers and will alert you while stopping them. The scanner will allow you to see if anything malicious has somehow found its way on to your computer. Windstream offers McAfee Anti-Virus protection in all of their security packages to keep your computer safe from being infected with unwanted and dangerous viruses.

    Tip #3: Protect your Identity from thieves


    Finally, the third tip is regarding the most common online crime. If you want the best online security possible you need a security package that also keeps your identity safe. Windstream security packages also offer this feature, which is probably the most important thing to have. Identities are stolen through credit cards and personal information like social security numbers. With a protection service the web will be monitored for any suspicious use of your information and will not only alert you of any problems but help you fix them before any significant damage is done.

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