• Home Phone Service

    Advantages of Having a Home Phone

    While cell phones may be the predominant phone service used in the modern world, there are still several reasons you need at the very least a basic phone service for your home. More than just tradition, the home phone can still serve a valuable purpose.

    What Can a Home Phone Offer
    The first thing a home phone offers is reliability. Think about the last time your home phone had was without service. You probably can’t remember one. Cell phone service is sometimes intermittent. You can have perfect service in your house one day and not be able to pick up a signal the next. You never have this problem with a landline phone because the phone line is connected directly to your house.

    Another advantage of a home phone is security. You can never plan when an emergency will happen and you need help fast. With a landline phone, when you call 911 they know exactly where the call is originating from and can dispatch emergency services immediately. In a situation where every second counts this could matter greatly.

    Saving and getting the most out of your money is important to everyone. With a landline phone you can get unlimited long distance much cheaper than what you would pay for the same plan with a cell phone provider. In fact, a lot of cell phone companies do not even offer an unlimited plan. You purchase a certain number of minutes for the month and if you go over that allowance you will be charged an increased rate per minute. Having a home phone with long distance can offer a nice reserve when you run out of minutes in the middle of the month.

    A Solution to Your Home Phone Needs
    Windstream offers a basic phone service for home for a low price. You can also add unlimited long distance and call nationwide as much as you want with no extra fees. They also include 13 of their popular calling features like call waiting, call forwarding , voice mail and three-way calling for no additional cost.

    To me, a home phone sounds like a practical and economical solution to add reliability and security to our everyday lives all while saving money.