• Dish and Internet Deals

    Finding Deals on Dish TV and High-Speed Internet

    If you are like most people you want the best deal you can get on anything you regularly buy, TV and internet are no different. One of the best ways to get a great deal on these services is to find a provider that offers discounts on bundle packages.


    Where to Find a Dish TV Bundle
    Some providers do not have the capabilities to offer bundles because they specialize in only one type of communications service. Your best bet to finding a great deal is to look for a provider that can offer you packages that include high speed internet, TV and phone for one price.

    Windstream is one provider that offers this. You can get a custom bundle to fit your needs depending on how many channels you want access to (anywhere from 190 to over 300) and how fast you want your high speed internet connection to be. On top of this, they throw in a home phone line with unlimited calling to anywhere in the United States. When you compare any of these bundles to what the services would cost individually you’re looking at saving a minimum of 20 percent, often much more.


    Other Advantages of Bundle Offers
    Some only consider the price they pay directly when deciding whether or not to get a bundle package, but there is more to it than price alone. The biggest ‘extra’ advantage is the convenience factor. Once you are on a bundle plan you can pay for all your services together, at the same time, on one bill. Wouldn’t it be nice to not only cut down the size of the bills you pay, but also the number of bills? On top of this, if you ever move or take an extended vacation it’s one phone call instead of 2 or 3 that you’ll have to make to modify or transfer your service.