• Whole House Entertainment System

    Getting a Whole House Entertainment System

    Having one room as a designated entertainment room is still a valid concept. However, there is a transition taking place that is evolving from the traditional one-room setup to a whole house entertainment system. As we’ll discuss, the driving force behind this innovation is a series of technological developments that have occurred over the past decade, some of which are still evolving.

    What is a Whole House Entertainment System?

    An entertainment system used to be an expensive set of technological devices that families invested in over time for the purposes of enjoyment. This is a concept that has been around for quite a while, starting with giant radios that families would sit around and listen to. The entertainment system was generally kept in the “family room” so everyone in the home could enjoy it. This room has become almost sacred to families in North America. It’s a place where work worries and other problems could be left behind and entertainment could be enjoyed.

    When television was launched, programming was viewed through black and white TVs, then several years later color TV was introduced. Moving into the past decade, there have been breakthroughs in satellite and high definition TV technology taking home entertainment to a whole new level. Regardless of the type of entertainment setup a family has, the TV is still thought of as a base component of a home entertainment system.

    Evolution of the Home Entertainment System

    The traditional home entertainment system is starting to change. If you have shopped for a television in the past few years, you may have noticed that the price of televisions is declining. . This cost reduction has allowed families to put TVs in multiple rooms, shifting the importance of a one-room entertainment system. Now, every member of the family can have their own television and get a comparable experience in any room of the house. This transition is just the first of many in the last few years that have resulted in the continually changing definition of an entertainment room. Many would argue that multiple rooms serve more than one purpose. While specific rooms still provide their original function (like a bedroom for sleep), now they also have entertainment options.


    What’s in a Modern System?

    The growing trend of a modernized system is centered on high speed internet. High speed internet allows you to use laptops and computers as well as tablets and cell-phones for entertainment purposes. In addition to the internet is usually multiple TVs all connected to a satellite TV feed like Dish Network with hundreds of channels. Then, accompanying base items are things like game consoles and audio systems.

    How to Set-up your Own System 

    One way of getting an entertainment system set-up fast and easy is to bundle services together. With a provider like Windstream you can get a digital TV and high speed internet bundle for a great rate. You can also shop for electronics in their online store. They carry tablets, computers, camera, and phones, just to name a few. When you sign up with Windstream you can get everything you need for an entertainment system conveniently from one source, at a discount, and have it all on one bill. Who could say no to convenience like that?