Types of Internet Security You Should Know About

    The internet can be an amazing place, but it also has dangers you must take precautions against to stay safe. Even if you are a smart browser, there are still many ways that your personal information could be stolen and abused, leaving you in a very undesirable position. Once your personal information gets stolen, it’s difficult to feel safe online again.

    There are 3 main types of internet security that will help secure your browsing and computer.

    1. Virus Protection
    While it may not be obvious at first, you have a lot of personal information stored in various places on your computer. One of the most important types of internet security to have is an anti-virus program. There are two parts to a good virus protection system, a firewall and a scanner. The firewall should always be enabled while you’re online. It works to recognize potential dangers and will alert you while stopping them. The scanner will allow you to see if anything malicious has somehow found its way on to your computer.

    2. Identity Theft Protection
    The second important component to online security is identity theft protection. The number one online crime committed is identity theft. Criminals steal personal information and credit card details to commit any number of thefts and fraud that create a real life nightmare for the victim. It can take months to fix the mess made by identity theft, not to mention the stress and anxiety that comes with it. With a protection service, the web is monitored for any suspicious use of your information and will alert you of any problems and help fix them before significant damage is done.

    3. File Backups
    While some viruses are created to infect and steal your information, others are made to destroy it. I’m sure there are some very important files on your computer that you would hate to lose. What would you do if all of your files were deleted? This could mean losing important documents or years worth of family pictures. In addition to viruses infecting your computer, there are also times that computers break or become damaged, making retrieving important information sometimes impossible. One way to protect against either of these situations is to run regular file backups. With a consistent backup process in place, it’s not a big deal if your computer malfunctions; you can restore all your files with just a few clicks.


    A Full Internet Security Solution
    Windstream offers a variety of internet security packages for a low monthly fee. These packages include identity theft protection, regular automatic file backup, and virus protection powered by McAfee. Ensure your peace of mind by putting an online security system in place. You can rest easy knowing your information is safe.

    Types of Internet Security