• Internet Speed

    Want More Internet Speed?

    In today’s fast paced world, people are constantly trying to get things done quicker and more efficient. Technology is always evolving to make everyday tasks faster. This ‘need for speed’ analogy especially holds true when it comes to the Internet. 

    How to Get Faster Internet

    When searching for an Internet provider, look for one that offers a variety of speeds. You want to make sure you choose the right speed for you based on your online activities as well as the number of people in your house that will be utilizing the connection. If you have a lot of devices that will be relying on your connection, a higher speed will prove necessary for a good experience.

    Windstream, offers multiple high speed internet packages at affordable prices. They have higher speeds to accommodate the multiple device household as well as lower speeds for users with basic online activity.

    Benefits of More Internet Speed

    There are many reasons users prefer a faster internet connection. A higher internet speed will reduce the amount of time it takes a page to load and files to download. Depending on your speed you can load a page in less than 1 second. Think of how many pages you load in an average day; if you load 200 pages a day and save at least a second from your current loading times, you are saving over 3 minutes a day. Add this up over a year and that’s over 18 hours of saved time, just from faster loading times!

    If that’s not enough think about how long it takes to download a file on your current speed. Have you ever had to leave your computer on while you weren’t using it just to let things finish downloading? Wouldn’t it be nice to get downloads faster and not have to wait hours before you can view them? Subscribing to a higher internet speed will make this a reality.

    Choosing the Right Speed for You

    A faster internet speed can definitely enhance your online experience. Depending on your online activities, the need for a faster connection may be inevitable. When choosing the right speed for you take into consideration the number of users and devices that will be relying on the connection as well as what activities will be performed.