• Backup Protection


    What you Need to Know About Backup Protection

    What on earth is backup protection and why is it so important? Most if not all computer users have at one time or another lost a file that they really needed. A study conducted by Pepperdine University found that approximately 6% of PCs have at least one data loss episode every year. In these situations the primary goal is to recover the data, but in most cases it’s too late for that. Years ago the only option was to try to cram data onto floppy disks or cds and store it in boxes in the rare case that they were needed. Luckily, there are much more practical and easier backup methods available today, which we will be discussing in this article.

    What Options Exist Today?

    There are essentially two options for backing up data that exist today. The first option is a large external hard which allows you to back up your files manually. With this backup method you can access stored data as long as it is connected to your computer. The size of the hard drive can range from a few hundred megabytes to a few terabytes and can be bought for a reasonable price. The big drawback to this approach is if your computer is stolen or damaged in an accident or fire, your backups likely are as well. Essentially this protects you if something malfunctions in your computer, and while useful there is a better solution.

    The second and more flexible option is to back up your files and data online through ‘cloud’ technology. This option stores your data to a secure remote storage facility and allows you to access it from any web-browser. Data stored on a ‘cloud’ is protected and available if anything goes wrong with your computer. On top of that you can often schedule backups to occur as often as you want so there isn’t any extra work involved for you.

    Where to Get Backup Protection.

    The next step is deciding how to get backup protection. According to KMPG, one of the world’s largest auditing firms, hacking is responsible for two thirds of data loss. Because of this growing trend businesses like Windstream are bundling their ‘cloud’ backups with their security service. For a small monthly fee, you get cloud storage with automated backup, plus identity theft protection and anti-virus software to protect you against data loss. This means not only will you be covered if you do lose data, but your expected chances of losing any data decreases by about 67%. In today’s environment, feeling secure and protected goes a long way.