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    5 Tips for Taking Great Outdoor Pics with a Simple Camera

    Fall is in full swing, and colorful leaves and cooler temperatures create a perfect backdrop for outdoor photography, especially in Windstream communities. Advanced photographers use high-powered lenses and cameras with multiple functions, but taking great pictures doesn’t necessarily require expensive equipment. Our in-house photographer notes that with the right technique, a simple point-and-shoot camera can produce frame-worth photography. Check out his 5 tips below for taking great outdoor pictures: 

    1) Be aware of your surroundings. Certain items, like windows and mirrors, can cause glare and reflection. Change your angle to reduce their effects. Also, when taking pictures of people, pay close attention to the landscape. Trees and buildings can result in awkward “bunny ears” type photos, a quick reposition can help avoid this.

    2) If the sun is out, your flash shouldn’t be. Use natural light as often as possible. When shooting pictures of people, make sure the sun behind you to get the best natural light (unless you’re going for that shadow cowboy look). Also, for various effects, try shooting with the light coming from different directions.

    3) Don’t stop with just one shot. How many times has a picture been tainted by a moving arm or hand? Most cameras (even on mobile devices) have a switch/mode that allows you to take several shots back-to-back rapidly. Use this feature to increase your chances of capturing the moment without the blur - this can be especially helpful when shooting little ones.

    4) Be creative with your angles. Not everything has to be a ‘straight-on’ shot. Experiment with different angles and tilts to give your pictures various levels of depth and object size. Changing your position can create a completely different perspective.

    5) Keep your camera with you at all times. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! Have your camera ready and available, because you never know when the next Kodak moment will happen.

    And speaking of Kodak…if you’re in need of a new point-and-shoot camera, Windstream has an exclusive deal for customers on the Kodak Easyshare 14 MP camera. This digital camera, which can be added to your bill for less than $15/month for 6 months, features a share button that lets you instantly upload pictures to social media sites. Check it out in the Windstream online electronics store.