• Family Entertainment Room

    Essential Entertainment Products for Your Family Room

    Most of you would agree that the room that has your entertainment products is the most used room in your house. It is often your living room where your family congregates nightly or where you hang out when you have friends over. Putting together a room that can be used for entertainment needs more than just a couch and recliner. In my opinion, there are a few key things that a well-rounded family room should have.

    TV with Variety of Channels
    The main component to most family rooms is a television. But often more important than the TV itself, is the variety of channels you have. If you are like my family, we live and die by football season. It is very important that we have a channel package that offers college and NFL football. Dish network offers packages that please every family member in our house. We also get ESPN Game Plan through Dish so we never miss an important game.

    Blu-Ray Player
    I am a sucker for a romantic comedy, my favorite is Sleepless in Seattle. I love to curl up on my couch and pop a movie in my Blu-Ray player. Windstream has a pretty cool electronics section where you can buy a Blu-Ray player and just add it to your monthly bill. You even have the option to pay for it over a 6 month period. I love that it is so convenient to just pay a little every month.

    Wireless High-Speed Internet
    It seems like my house is overflowing with smartphones, tablets and gaming devices. My guilty pleasure is watching TV while looking on Facebook or shopping online. I love that with my wireless high-speed internet connection I don’t run up my data usage on my phone or tablet. Windstream offers a wireless modem for all high-speed internet customers that is easy to set up and connect to. They also have a variety of speeds to choose from so you get the right speed for your household.

    One Stop Shop
    Including all of the above components will create a versatile family room that everyone can enjoy and will love to hang out in. A variety of channels, blu-ray player and wireless high-speed internet connection will suit all of your family members and guests when it is time to entertain. Windstream offers all of this and on one bill. It really makes entertaining family and friends pretty simple.