• 3 Home Entertainment Setup Ideas

    Home entertainment can make or break the atmosphere in a home. Most families have a room specifically for entertainment, for guests, kids, and of course themselves. There are many options you can combine to make a great home entertainment room, but to have a complete experience here are 3 home entertainment setup ideas that are essential core elements to any room.

    1. Dish TV
    Watching TV together as a family is somewhat of an American tradition, and Dish TV is the ultimate satellite TV experience. Even the basic Dish TV service from Windstream has over 190 channels. You can always find something to enjoy no matter what you’re interested.

    There are other things that Windstream offers along with Dish TV that will help to enhance your experience. Dish Network’s “Hopper” is your own personal DVR that can record shows on multiple TVs and store up to 2000 hours of shows and movies.

    Finally, one of the greatest perks of Dish TV is the Dish Anywhere app that you can download to any computer or mobile device. This app will let you watch anything stored on your Hopper and it can go anywhere with you! It is home entertainment on the go!

    2. High Speed Internet
    In today’s age, the modern entertainment room needs wireless high-speed internet. There are so many devices that are used for entertainment that require an internet connection. For example, tablets, smartphones, blu-ray players, and even gaming systems are now seen as a form of entertainment. Windstream offers a Dish TV and High-Speed Internet bundle that gives you a great price for both services and makes them extremely convenient to set up and manage together.

    3. A Great Sound System
    How do you take your entertainment setup to the next level? With a high quality sound system. If you are a Windstream customer your audio needs are covered with multiple audio options that are available in their electronics store. At the top of the list is the Panasonic 2.1 Soundbar Speaker System. This is a top of the line system for a great price. The best thing about it? Your purchase will be added to your next bill for the ultimate convenience. You even have the option to pay it out over 6-months.

    With these 3 home entertainment setup ideas you are well on your way to building a great home entertainment room and can now add extras on top of this strong foundation.