• Getting a Deal on High Speed Internet Bundles

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    The communications industry is unique in a lot of ways. Most retailers require a coupon for you to save money on their products or services. However, this is not the case when it comes to purchasing home entertainment services. What communications providers have in place is actually much better than a one-time coupon.


    How High Speed Internet Bundles Can Save You Money

    As you know, bulk discounts exist in almost every industry and the communications industry is no exception. However, what makes the communications industry unique is what is considered a bulk purchase. Rarely will someone want to buy 2 internet lines for their home, it just doesn’t make sense. In the case of communications providers, a bulk purchase is when someone buys more than 1 of their offered services. Most providers offer customers phone, TV, and high speed internet. The most important service to most consumers is high speed internet. When you add additional services, a lot of providers often offer what is known as a “bundle discount”. Typically the more services you add, the bigger the discount. Windstream is one provider who sees value in bundling services and passes along discounts to customers who have more than one service with them. 


    Bundles and Promotions at Windstream

    Depending on your interests, there are different high speed internet bundles to fit your lifestyle. Windstream, offers two bundle options: high speed internet bundled with phone service, or high speed internet bundled with phone and digital TV service.

    High Speed Internet and Unlimited Phone

    The high speed internet and home phone bundle offered by Windstream is a great value. This bundle offers high speed internet and throws in the home phone line as an added bonus. It also includes unlimited long distance allowing you to call anywhere in the United States and talk as long as you want without incurring high rates. This bundle is cheaper than what most providers charge for internet alone, further illustrating what a great deal you can get when bundling two or more services together.


    High Speed Internet, Unlimited Phone and Digital TV

    While internet may be the most important service to some; television is still top of mind and ranks very high on a consumer’s entertainment priority list. Windstream has several Dish Network channel packages available and bundle options to meet every customer’s needs. Bundling your television service through Windstream will not only save you money (up to 20% depending on the bundle you choose), but it also provides a one bill solution for all of your home entertainment services.

    Want more?

    Windstream also offers services you can add to your bundle to enhance your service. They offer security packages to protect your computer as well as Dish Network’s DVR Hopper so you never miss your favorite shows.