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    HP Chromebooks Now Available in Windstream’s Online Electronic Store

    With the expiration of Windows XP, you may be in the market for a new computer, or maybe you are just looking for something more convenient and fun than your current model. Starting today, the HP Chromebook (11” and 14”) will be available in our online electronics store.

    Many of you may have already heard of the Chromebook, but if you are unfamiliar, the HP Chromebook is a lightweight laptop that runs off Google's Chrome Operating System. The Chrome OS makes the time it takes the computer to boot almost instant and is the simplest OS you will find on a laptop.

    The HP Chromebook has a sleek, white design and is available with an 11 or 14-inch HD display. It comes outfitted with a webcam for video chat and digitally tuned speakers for great sound. It’s also pre-loaded out of the box with your favorite Google apps like Gmail for email, Google Drive for file storage, Google Docs for word processing and YouTube for watching funny cat videos. The Chrome Store is also conveniently located on the desktop for easy access to download your favorite apps, so playing Candy Crush and listening to Pandora is just a click away.

    This sharp looking laptop also plays well with other Android devices. The auto-sync functionality allows you to start an email on your laptop and finish it on your phone, or take a picture on your phone and edit it on your computer… without any cords!

    Built in virus-protection and automatic updates for apps, OS, and security comes standard, giving you constant peace of mind. Chromebook also updates itself for free, so you never have to worry about downloads or upgrades. The latest and greatest version will always be at your fingertips.

    When you shop our electronics store you can buy today and pay in 6 easy installments on your Windstream bill with our installment billing plan. Just check the box once you are in the shopping cart to spread out your payments and we’ll take care of the rest. The only hard decision you have to make now is whether you want the 11 or 14 inch display!