• baseball field

    Let’s Play Ball!

    Grab your peanuts and popcorn, baseball season is in full swing! I love baseball season for several reasons.  I feel like baseball embodies the American spirit. There is something about it that just makes you proud, and for that, I love the sport. Luckily, there are many ways to follow and watch America’s favorite pastime.

    Following your favorite teams on Facebook and Twitter not only makes the season more fun, but you get also team and player updates even when you aren't in front of your TV. I also recommend following the MLB Beat Writers for your beloved team. Beat writers have the inside track on the latest team news and roster changes.

    There are more ways than ever to watch your favorite team on every screen. Dish offers MLB Strike Zone and MLB Network in their Multi-Sports Pack. Use can also use Dish’s Game Finder to see when you team takes the field. Of course with Dish's Hopper, you can take the game wherever you go with the TV Anywhere App.

    Another fan favorite is MLB.TV. This is a subscription based service that offers streaming coverage as well as audio only of every game from any device.

    One of my favorite baseball apps is MLB at Bat . Here you can get scores, stats and news on your favorite teams along with push notification if you choose. This app also provides you access to MLB.TV radio and TV coverage.

    If you are a ballpark regular, you should definitely download MLB.com At the Ballpark. This app tracks your stadium visits, offers electronic ticketing, and can even help you locate the concession stand!

    There you have it! I hope this helps the baseball fans out there stay in the know all season. Looking for High-Speed Internet and Digital TV service? Learn how bundling Windstream and Dish can help you save today!