• Family Internet SafetyDon’t Fear the Internet: Tips for Protecting your Family Online
    Technology drives so many aspects of our lives in today’s society. Not only is the Internet now a vital part of the daily adult life, it has also become an integral part of the lives of children as well. But, with this wide open world of fun and adventure that the Internet offers to kids, there comes an equally wide array of threats. So, how do you keep your family safe on the Internet? Here are just a few ways to make sure your family stays safe online.

    Create Unique Logins
    So, you’ve decided to purchase a computer for use by the whole family. What’s the best way to make sure your kids’ activities are monitored? Create a unique login for each of the users. Make sure to adjust the parental controls on each so that your kids will e limited on the types of sites they can visit. This “first line of defense” is vital to making sure your kids stay safe. All Windstream Security Packages come with Parental Control software. We also offer KidZui Internet Browser as a free service that gives kids the freedom to explore the Internet safely.

    Monitor Social Networking Use
    So, you’re all set with your different logins and parental controls are solid on each user account. The work does not end there. With social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, cyber bullying and inappropriate online activities has become more commonplace. This is not a knock on social networking sites; it’s a warning to make sure you monitor what your child is doing on the internet. A few ways to do this include:

    • Check privacy settings: You can ensure that strangers or other dangers cannot access your child. Facebook allows a user to become virtually invisible to someone who isn’t their friend.

    • Purchase monitoring software: There are programs out there, such as Net Nanny, that allow you to see the keystrokes performed on a computer. You can even block sites and filter out certain content that you don’t want your kids to see.

    • Keep the computer in an open area: This may be obvious, but if your child doesn’t have access to the computer in a private place, he/she will be less likely to get involved in anything inappropriate on the Internet.

    Create Ground Rules
    Now that you’re a ‘Technological Terminator’, it’s now time to have a sit down with your kids to lay down the law. Make sure your kids understand that their computer usage is a privilege that can be taken away at any time. Let them know you’re serious about it because you want to keep them safe.

    Let them know up front that you’ll be monitoring their Internet usage and what proper usage of social media, music sites, movie sites, blogging sites, etc. actually consists of.

    Now that the technical stuff, out of the way. What about your computer’s health? A Security Package on your computer is the best way to keep your computer protected. Check out the Security Packages Windstream offers for High-Speed Internet subscribers.