• facebook 10 year

    Today marks Facebook’s 10 year anniversary. With 1.23 billion monthly users (and counting), it is safe to say that Facebook has transformed the way we communicate and share information.  

    To commemorate their 10 year anniversary, Facebook launched “A Look Back”, which creates a video of your most liked photos, status updates, and life events since you joined the social network. Go to https://www.facebook.com/lookback while you are logged in to your account to see your personalized video.

    In honor of Facebook’s 10 year milestone, I have compiled a list of other events that happened 10 years ago.

    1. “The Curse of the Bambino” finally ended. The Boston Red Sox won the 100th World Series, 86 years since their last World Series win.

    2. The 9/11 Commission Report was released.

    3. The beloved sitcom Friends ended.

    4. Smarty Jones won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes.

    5. Ronald Reagan passed away at the age of 93.

    6. Martha Stewart was convicted of charges related to insider trading.

    7. Anchorman and The Notebook hit the big screen.

    8. George W. Bush was re-elected as President of the United States.

    9. Desperate Housewives and Lost premiered on ABC.

    10. The Statue of Liberty re-opened for the first time since 9/11.

    I hope you enjoyed the quick trip down memory lane. If you are interested in getting online or upgrading your current speed, check out our high-speed internet packages and start saving today.