• nascarThe 66th season of stock car racing is revving its engine, and we want to help you get in on the action! Put your racing skills to the test with Windstream’s Auto Racing Challenge. Earn local and national prizes by predicting who will finish in the Top 10 each week during racing season. The player with the best overall score will win a trip to the 2015 Daytona 500!

    It’s easy to play. If you’ve played other Win with WIN contests, simply log-in. If this is your first time, click here to get started.

    Below are a few questions about scoring you may find helpful. Click here for other contest FAQs. 

    How does the scoring work?
    Drivers are awarded Fantasy Points depending on how they finish in a race. 1st place is worth 150, 2nd place is worth 125, 3rd place is worth 100, 4th place is worth 80, 5th place is worth 78, and so on (less 2 points each place). 44th place and beyond are worth 0 points. There is an additional 25-point bonus for every driver that comes in the exact order you pick them to finish.

    How are ties broken?
    If there is a tie for the most points, the tie breaker is handled by first seeing who picked the most drivers in the right order. If there is still a tie, the computer will see who picked the highest place correct. If there is still a tie, the computer will randomly select a winner from the players that are tied.

    If there are ties for overall score, the computer will select the player with the most race points for the most recent race. If there is still a tie, the computer will continue comparing race points for previous races until a winner is selected. If the players are tied for all the races, the computer will randomly select a winner from the players that are tied.

    Since the All-Star Race has a unique format, how will scoring work?
    This year everyone will finish (in some order). There are no eliminations. So, you guess which drivers you think will end up in the final 10 and in what order just like any other race and you'll get the normal amount of points based on how they finish even though the field is smaller.

    The season has already started. Can I still play?
    Yes. You just need to play 15 weeks to be eligible for the overall prize, but you could win a weekly prize for any week that you play.

    How often are scores updated?
    Shortly after each race.

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