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    Fun Photo Editing Sites and Tips

    Mobile devices have made taking, editing and sharing pictures much less complicated than it was 10 years ago. Now you can snap a picture with your phone, edit it through an online app and share it on social media in a matter of seconds. Below are a few of my photo editing sites/apps and some handy tips and tricks.

    Edit and Enhance

    Amateur photographers looking for something user-friendly will love the BeFunky Photo Editor. This free photo editor makes it simple to whiten teeth, smooth wrinkles or even skin tone, and clear blemishes in a flash. You can also easily create collages and add text and borders to pictures if you choose. The editor is available online and also has a free app for both iPhone and Android devices.

    TIP: ALWAYS take more than one shot and angle. Even if you think the first picture was perfect, it is always nice to have a few different angles and views to choose from. You may end up liking the third shot better than the first!

    Another favorite editor of mine is Pixlr Express. Just like BeFunky, this no-charge editor is available online and in the form of an app for your Apple or Android device. In addition to the basic editing features (crop, rotate, brighten, etc), you can also use the “splash” effect to focus on a certain color. My favorite function in Pixlr Express is “overlay”. This allows you overlay the image with a translucent pattern. It gives your pictures a more “stand-out” effect and can really change the tone of the photo.

    TIP: Bring more attention to a certain aspect of the photo (i.e. subject’s face) by using the focus feature. Focus on the face and blur the rest of the photo to make the subject stand out.

    Create a Collage

    Creating (and printing) a collage to remember a day or event is a fun way to combine pictures while not excluding any memorable ones. Most photo editors have a collage feature built-in, but if you are looking for one with more layout options (232 to be exact), you should take a look at PicStitch. This editor offers basic editing options in addition to tons of collage layouts. Windows users can create collages and enhance photos from their PC or tablet and iOS users can create directly from their mobile device. Once your masterpiece is complete, you can share on your favorite social media site, store to your phone or send it to print.

    TIP: Placing your subject slightly off-center can greatly enhance your photos.

    Remember, the best photos don’t end after the picture is taken. Editing your photos with online editors can take your pictures from blah to wow in seconds! Need an online connection to start editing? Check out Windstream’s High-Speed Internet plans and start saving today!