• Zypad

    Let's Talk About Wearable Technology

    Have you ever seen someone on their phone so often you think, “Why don't they just get it attached to their face?” Well, with the newest generation of technology, keeping your phone close is becoming a more likely option.

    Technology has jumped leaps and bounds in making complex devices fit in the palm of your hand. More recently, with devices that are as flexible as a piece of rubber, finding new ways to integrate technology into common wearable items (such as shirts and watches) are already seeing development.

    While not necessarily attached to the face, many of the technologies that may soon become prevalent in our daily lives may be things that you wear, rather than use. Completing a search for “wearable technology” results in a return of over 89 million possible results, many of which being major companies already making announcements of their plans to develop such technologies.

    As some of you may recall, we recently made light of the wearable technology boom here at Windstream with our April Fools' Day spoof. While the items we featured were intentionally clunky, many of those concepts (or concepts similar to them) are already being put into development and operation. Regardless of what strange and inventive creations may be coming down the home stretch, you can be certain that Windstream will meet your service needs to get those gadgets working properly.

    Whether it’s a matter of maximizing your internet speed with our Max Speed Internet, or simply getting the leg up on new and interesting technologies by checking out the Polaroid Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, Windstream is here to meet your needs.