• taxes

    Here we go again…tax season is in full swing. I guess Benjamin Franklin put it best over two centuries ago when he said there are only two certainties in life, death and taxes. Many of you are preparing to file or some of you may have already filed and have your refund check in the bank (which makes me green with envy). If you procrastinate like me and haven’t yet filed, you know the April 15th deadline will be here quick. Below are a few tips to help you get prepared:

    1. Get organized – Every year at tax time I vow to be more organized the following year. Keeping up with receipts and recording deductions throughout the year can make a huge difference when it’s crunch time. It also helps ensure you get the best refund possible.  

    2. Educate yourself on deductions – Don’t leave money on the table by not filing the right deductions. Tax laws are constantly changing and the Internet is a powerful tool when it comes to researching these. Make sure you do your due diligence on deductions to get the best refund you can.

    3. Save time and file online – Electronic filing is the easiest way to submit your tax return. E-filing saves time by avoiding the long lines guaranteed to be at the post office and you save on postage. 

    4. Protect yourself –The risk of identity theft cases increase during tax season. Having a solid security program installed on your computer is critical for protecting you and your personal information. Beware of phishing emails and immediately report anything suspicious. Also, never, ever, ever, provide your social security number through email. The IRS will never send any electronic communication requesting your personal information. If you have received emails inquiring for this type of personal information, it should be reported to the IRS.

    5. Don’t be late – The deadline for filing you taxes is midnight on April 15th. If you are unable to complete your return by the due date you can request an extension. The deadline for submitting the extension form is also April 15th.

    I hope these tips help you get prepared and ready to file. Click here to see how Windstream High Speed Internet can help you stay protected and connected this tax season.