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    Tuesday's Tip with Amanda: Try the Windstream Service Agent



    In the past, Tuesday’s Tip with Amanda blog posts have discussed ways to answer questions or troubleshoot your Windstream services. Your time is valuable, so this week I wanted to show you an online tool which will help in several ways with your service.

    The Windstream Service Agent is a “one-stop shop”. You have several features available to you as a Windstream customer once you’ve downloaded and configured your account.

    Verify the current support services you subscribe to. The “My Services” tab will show you what services you subscribe to. For example, if you subscribe to Windstream Online Data Backup, the service will be listed here. Not activated? You will know this too and can set it up from here. Simply, look at the services listed and the Status of the service to see if there is anything you need to do.

    Note: With services like Travel Safety Plus, if the Status says “Subscribed” there is nothing further you need to do with this service from here.

    Make changes to your account. Need to add or change an email account? The “My Account” Tab allows you to do just that. As a Windstream subscriber, you have the option to set up and use 5 email addresses at no cost to you. To add an email address or change the password on an existing account, with a few clicks, you’re done. From this screen you can view your billing statement and make a payment as well.

    Get your telephone and high-speed internet service questions answered. The “Support” tab is packed with information. Click on the “Get Help” button. This will connect you with the Broadband CheckUp Center where you can check your current computer specs like available disk space and memory. You can also create a backup of your browser favorites to restore them. To make sure your internet connection and devices are secure, check for active firewalls and anti-virus protection.

    Need assistance with computer questions? If you subscribe to Tech Help, you can reach support for your PC or other electronics with diagnostics available or get connected to a Tech Help agent directly right from here.

    As always, you can review the Windstream Frequently Asked Questions which may answer any further questions you have. The FAQ’s can be accessed here as well as the different options you have to contact Windstream.

    With so much available in the Windstream Service Agent, take a few moments and download this free service so it’s ready when you need it.

    The Internet is your one stop shop for “secret menus.”

    Recently, I heard about some restaurants and coffee shops having their own “secret menu” including food and drink you can order that is not on their menu. I’ve checked several of these hidden menus and found one of my favorite coffee drinks from a Starbucks secret menu site. I thought I’d share the recipe with you below. Enjoy!

    Starbucks Secret Menu: Hot Butterbeer Latte

    • Whole milk steamer 
    • Add Caramel syrup (2 for tall, 3 for grande, 4 for venti)
    • Add Toffee nut syrup (2 for tall, 3 for grande, 4 for venti)
    • Add Cinnamon Dolce syrup (2 for tall, 3 for grande, 4 for venti)
    • Whipped cream and salted caramel bits on top (or creme brulee topping if you prefer)
    • Optional if you prefer to add a coffee taste: Add a shot of espresso (2 for a grande or venti)