• How do I improve the speed of my Internet?

    Understanding your internet speed and what it means can help you get the most out of your internet connection. Watch our short videos to help you choose the right internet speed for the way you use the internet and make the most of your speed by optimizing your system. 


    How to Choose the Right Internet Speed -


    How to Maximize your Internet Speed -

    If certain websites are taking longer to load than they usually do, try a few of these steps to maximize your connection.


    1. Run a speed test to check your connection.
      Click here to test your speed.
    2. Reset your network.
      Sometimes, restarting your modem and router will help clear up network connection issues. Either use the power buttons on your devices to turn them off, or unplug their power cables; wait 30 seconds, and then plug them back in.
    3. Check that there aren't conflicting signals.
      IF you're using a WiFi router, make sure its signal isn't conflicting with a cordless phone in your home or a wireless camera.If the GHz on your router (usually 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz) match the GHz on your phone, your connection might be slower when the phone is in use. This also goes for wireless security cameras.
    4. Check the other devices on your network.
      If other people on your network are downloading or streaming media from the internet, it's probably bogging down your connection.
    5. Place your wireless router or computer in a different area.
      If you're using a WiFi router, a weak signal can cause lower speeds and spotty connections. Try to place your router as close to your computer as possible, or place your computer so that it is closer to the router. Ensure that the router is in a high, open space and not locked away in a cabinet. Also, be sure your router and modem are clean of dust and properly ventilated.
    6. Check your filters.
      If you're on a DSL connection, you should have hooked the line from your phone jack into one side of a box filter. On the other side of the filter, you should have two lines coming out: one for your phone and one for your modem. Make sure you have high-quality filters in place for the best signal speed.