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  • Online Bill Pay Registration

    How do I sign up for Online Bill Pay?

    Follow the below steps to view, print, and pay your Windstream bill online: 

    1. Go to www.windstreamonline.com

    2. Click 'Register Now' 


    3. Select ‘Customer’ in the User Type drop down box.


    4. Enter the Account Number and Billing Zip Code as they appear on your bill and click ‘Validate’.


    5. Complete your registration by filling in the User Information, Contact Information and answering the 2 Security Questions. Once this is complete, click ‘Submit’.


    Note: Security questions must be different. You cannot choose the same question for both security questions.

    6. Once registration is complete, you will receive the below confirmation message.


    7. A confirmation e-mail is sent to the registered user with a link to the site. This is a unique link for each Customer. Once the link is clicked it becomes invalid. You cannot click the link more than once.

    Important: If registration has already been completed on the account, it can not be registered again. In order to access the account the person you must be added as an authorized user.