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  • Understand Charges, Taxes, and Fees on Your Windstream Bill

    Understand Charges, Taxes, and Fees on Your Windstream Bill 

    Below is an explanation of service charges, taxes, and fees that may appear on your monthly Windstream bill.

    Monthly Services: Includes Windstream service plans on your account that are billed at a monthly rate. 

    Dish Network Services: Dish Network charges will be billed through Windstream, giving you the convenience of one monthly bill for all of your home entertainment. You will see a detailed view of Dish services on your monthly bill. However, Dish Network charges will not appear on your bill until your service has been installed and is active. Because of this, if your Dish service is set up after your Windstream bill is issued, the Dish portion of your service will be prorated on your next Windstream bill. 

    Long Distance Charges: If you subscribe to unlimited long distance service, taxes and surcharges will still apply. However, you will not be charged a toll for long distance calls. If you do not subscribe to unlimited long distance, you will be charged the long distance per minute rate for your plan.

    Other Charges: There are several one-time charges that you may see on your bill. Typically, these include a new customer activation fee and professional installation fee, if applicable. Your modem charge will also be reflected on your bill, either as a one-time payment or broken into monthly installments. If you purchase other equipment or electronics, these will also be reflected on your monthly bill.

    Credits: Any credits associated with your bill will be reflected as a separate line item. Credits could include any promotional pricing, special offers (such as 1st month free on security packages), or any other account adjustments. The final charges amount will reflect all applied credits.

    Taxes, Surcharges, and Fees: Windstream service is subject to local, state, and federal taxes, as well as other fees and surcharges applied to telecommunications companies. For a more detailed list of the taxes, surcharges, and fees that may appear on your bill, please visit www.windstream.com/billinfo