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  • Tuesday's Tip with Amanda: How to Secure a Password

    When subscribing to a service, a password is generally requested. You want to pick something you can remember but you also want it to be secure. This week, I thought I would share information on password security and tips to pick the perfect secure password. Read more >>

  • 4 Quick and Easy Tips for Better Online Searches

    Does searching for information on the Internet overwhelm you? Are you getting so many results when you search that you aren’t sure how to make heads or tails of it? Or worse, are you not getting many results and then leave your computer frustrated and ready to pull your hair out? Check out these 4 quick and easy tips to help you get better results and make your online searches a little less painful. Read more >>

  • Online Support Options

    For a lot of us, time on the Internet is spent after normal business hours. You get home from work, prepare dinner, put the kids to bed, and then you might have time to look online or check email. What if you need help setting up your Wi-Fi connection or new email account, but its 10 p.m. and you aren’t sure where to start? Windstream recognizes that life doesn’t have “normal business hours”, which is why we have several support options in place to fit your lifestyle. Read more >>

  • We Make Moving Easy

    Let's face it. For most of us, moving doesn't rank on our top 10 list of favorite things to do. Packing up one home and moving to another is a big deal. Between prepping, packing, loading and setting up, it can be stressful and tiring. Transferring and setting up your entertainment services at your new home shouldn't be. Windstream can help make your transition as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Read more >>

  • Here Phishy, Phishy!

    We live in a world with cyber criminals. It’s unfortunate, but true. No one is completely safe from becoming a target, but protecting yourself with a comprehensive security package as well as being aware of potential scams (and how to identify and report them) makes you less likely to become a victim. Keep reading for information on phishing scams and how to stay protected. Read more >>

  • Tuesday’s Tip with Amanda: Keeping Your Laptop Cool on a Hot Summer Day

    You’re sitting down to catch up on your online banking or read the latest news. Before you know it, quite a bit of time has passed and you notice your laptop is really warm. This problematic condition can cause your laptop to overheat (or worse). For this Tuesday’s Tip, I wanted to share a few steps you can take to prevent your laptop from overheating and ensure your laptop continues to run efficiently. Read more >>

  • It’s Not Too Late for Soccer Savings

    The big tournament is winding down, and only four teams remain: Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina, and Germany. This year's tournament has been filled with excitement and heartache and has been the cause of many a gray hair for the spectators. Even though the tournament is winding down, you still have a chance to win while you watch! Read more >>

  • 3 Noteworthy Anniversaries Happening in July

    It’s hard to believe we are already starting the seventh month of the year. Do you ever wonder where the time has gone? Looking back at the month of July from years past, there are some pretty notable anniversaries that make it seem like time really is flying! Read more >>

  • 10 Ways the Internet has Changed the World

    Close your eyes and think for a minute about what life was like before the Internet. It’s hard to imagine a time where there was no Facebook, Google, email or online shopping. Generation-Z kids will never experience an un-wired world. They were born into a world with wall-to-wall Wi-Fi, tablets and smartphones, and social media. I thought it would be fun to look back and see the many ways in which the Internet has changed the world. Read on for a trip down memory lane. Read more >>

  • Tuesday's Tip with Amanda: When Severe Weather Happens, Be Prepared

    June 21st marked the official start of summer which means an increased chance of bad weather. Some of you have already experienced some severe weather. As Windstream values you and your safety, for this Tuesday’s Tip, I wanted to share some ideas you can use to prepare for bad weather situations. Read more >>

  • Soccer Time! Have a Chance to Win While You Watch

    The biggest soccer games of the year are well underway in Brazil. We've seen upsets, epic goals, and a fantastic showing from the United States in a win against Ghana! While the tournament churns ahead, Windstream is providing a great opportunity for soccer fans to Win while they watch with the first ever Soccer Savings promotion. Read more >>

  • Staycation, All I Ever Wanted

    Well, you know how it goes. Sometimes life can be pretty busy and, which makes it hard to find time to plan a trip and get away. Or sometimes, once you tally all of the costs associated with leaving town, it makes more sense to just stay put. Either way, just because you can’t leave town doesn't mean you don’t deserve a little downtime. Whatever your reason is for staying local, below are a few tips and fun ideas for planning a “staycation”. Read more >>