• Kinetic is Here!

    The wait is finally over! What wait am I talking about? The wait for Kinetic of course! One of the many aspects of our daily lives that have begun to undergo a major change within just the last half decade is the ever integrating natures of TV and Internet. For quite some time TV providers and Internet service providers have been separate entities and people have always dealt with the hassle of keeping up with 2 different services, each with their own sets of pricing and promotions. Read more >>

  • Three Big Threats When Browsing Online

    We live an unprecedented time where people are able to communicate and share information through the internet, quickly and over long distances with little difficulty. Some people have decided to take advantage of this new means of communication for nefarious purposes. The types of internet threats are changing every day, but there are a few that everyone should watch out for. Read more >>

  • Tuesday’s Tip with Amanda: Take control of your internet.

    The internet is a great way to help you and your family with shopping, keeping up with family and friends and assisting with your children’s homework. Windstream understands this and also knows your children’s online safety is important too. With this week’s tip, I am sharing some simple ways you can safeguard your kids on the internet. Read more >>

  • Signs Your Internet Security May Be Compromised

    You have read a few blogs on how to protect your computer from malicious attacks. But how, then, can you tell if those measures have worked? We’ve compiled a list of a few ways to tell whether or not your Internet Security has been compromised. Read more >>

  • Why So Slow? A Few Common Reasons Your Internet Is Slow

    Does it suddenly feel like your Internet connection has lost the zip it had when you first started service? Do you have to deal with the annoying issue of freezing and crashing when it comes to your Internet? This type of issue can greatly interrupt the efficiency of your day, but there are a few ways to check if it’s an easy fix. Read on for a few reasons that your Internet is no longer top notch. Read more >>

  • 5 Ideas for a Memorable Spring Break

    It’s that time again. It’s the week kids are out of school and adults have a reason to take vacation. Maybe this year you don’t want to go to a tourist-filled destination that ends up being more stressful than relaxing. Maybe you’re looking for something a little more unique this year. Below are five ideas for a memorable Spring Break. Read more >>

  • Fun Facts about St. Patrick’s Day

    Parades, parties and the color green. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in quite a few places around the world but how much do you really know about the holiday? Below are a few facts you may or may not know about St. Patrick’s Day. Read more >>

  • Introducing New Security Packages to Keep You Protected

    The age of information has brought us a time of information sharing, storing and communication never before experienced, but with it brings many new headaches and threats. With careful consideration Windstream has worked to put together a line of security products that can match anything on the market and meet all of your needs as a customer. Read more >>

  • Tuesday’s Tip with Amanda: Customizing Your Dish Network Channel Guide

    The Dish Network channel guide is a handy tool which helps you see what shows are on your favorite channels and saves you time. You don’t have to scroll through each channel to see what is on. Are you using the channel guide to its fullest potential? Read more >>

  • What to Do When the Worst Happens: How to Recover After a Computer Crash

    The inevitable has happened. Your computer is done. It’s crashed and you have no clue where to start. Is there an option for recovery? Should you take it in to the nearest Geek Squad to repair it? Is repairing it going to cost more than buying a new one? Fortunately, there are a few options for recovering data you may lose in a computer crash. Read more >>

  • Why Should I Use the Cloud? Benefits of Cloud Storage

    Everyone is all about "The Cloud" nowadays. But a lot of people don't realize the full potential of storing your valuable information using online storage services or "The Cloud". Read on for a few benefits of using online storage. Read more >>

  • And the Oscar Goes To…2015 Academy Award Predictions

    The 87th Academy Awards occurs this Sunday, and we cannot wait to see how the competition turns out. This year, we have biopics, original stories and innovative uses of film decorating the Best Picture category. Read on for our predictions for the biggest night for movies! Read more >>