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  • Why Should I Use the Cloud? Benefits of Cloud Storage

    Everyone is all about "The Cloud" nowadays. But a lot of people don't realize the full potential of storing your valuable information using online storage services or "The Cloud". Read on for a few benefits of using online storage. Read more >>

  • And the Oscar Goes To…2015 Academy Award Predictions

    The 87th Academy Awards occurs this Sunday, and we cannot wait to see how the competition turns out. This year, we have biopics, original stories and innovative uses of film decorating the Best Picture category. Read on for our predictions for the biggest night for movies! Read more >>

  • Tuesday’s Tip with Amanda: Get an accurate Internet speed test result.

    Sometimes when troubleshooting your internet connection at home you may run a speed test to see what your internet connection speed is. Are you getting the accurate results? With this week’s tip, I wanted to share a few hints on how to make sure you are getting the correct information. Read more >>

  • A Few Fun Facts You May or May Not Know about Valentine’s Day

    The holiday dedicated to love is in a couple of days and you may be scrambling to find a gift or a card for your special someone. Some of you might attempt to make a reservation at a fancy restaurant or will plan a romantic evening at home. In order to take your mind off of preparations, here are a few facts about Valentine’s Day that you may or may not know. Read more >>

  • The Importance of Backing Up Your Hard Drive

    In this day and age, technology is becoming the lifeblood of most daily functions. It’s rare to find someone who doesn't require use of a laptop or desktop computer to complete daily tasks for their jobs or personal life. Despite the growing importance of computers in our daily lives, people are constantly overlooking one of the most crucial maintenance functions of your computer – backing up the hard drive. Read more >>

  • Make Your Passwords Tough to Crack

    Doesn’t it feel like problems only arise after normal business hours? It’s almost as if technical issues won’t arise unless it’s 9 p.m. (after everyone has gone home for the evening) or 5 a.m. (when people haven’t arrived to work). Passwords are becoming more important as Internet hackers continue to find advanced ways to steal your information. Even large corporations are in danger of having their password databases hacked by virtual thieves. Making your password hard to crack is not only a requirement for the majority of online tools you use, but is also a good way to make sure your information stays safe. Read on for some tips on creating strong, tough-to-crack passwords. Read more >>

  • Tuesday's Tip with Amanda: Updates on Social Network Safety

    Social Media is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. This week’s edition of Tuesday’s Tip, I wanted to review some ways to keep you and your family safe online. Password Security: When you set up your social media account, one of the first things you are asked for is a password. Having a strong password is a fairly easy first step. Using special characters such as the dollar sign ($) as well as capital and/or lower case letters makes it less likely someone is able to access your account without your knowledge. Read more >>

  • Are You Protected? The Importance of Firewalls

    Long gone are the days where you could simply power up your computer and go about your business. “Bad guys” are lurking at every virtual corner in wait for you to make a mistake. All it takes is one weakness in your computer’s defense and everything private has the potential to become public or get stolen. One of the most basic defenses (and one of the strongest) is your firewall. According to the NCSA Cyber Security Survey, only 4% of Americans say they understand firewalls “completely” and more than four out of ten Americans (44%) don’t understand how firewalls work. Read on for a little knowledge regarding firewalls and why you need to make sure yours is enabled. Read more >>

  • Tuesday's Tip with Amanda: Getting the Most out of Your Wi-Fi Connection

    Having a wireless network in your home is a great way to have several devices online at one time. It also allows you to go from room to room without cords following you everywhere. In order to work properly, a wireless network needs to be set up correctly and maintained. With this in mind, here are some helpful tips for getting the most of your home wireless connection. Read more >>

  • Read It Later Apps: Save the Day When You're On the Go

    You know that flustered feeling you get when you wake up ten minutes before you have to go to work (every day for some of us) and barely have time to grab a granola bar before rushing out the door? Don’t you wish you had a little time to sit down with your coffee and read the newspaper or scroll through an interesting article on your favorite news site? Nowadays, it seems like there is little time for people to “stop and smell the roses”. Thankfully, with the changing pace of your life, there always seems to be “an app for that”. Now, you can save that interesting article that caught your eye while you were scrambling to find your left shoe this morning by way of “Read It Later” apps. Read more >>

  • Quick Tips for Managing Multiple Passwords

    As Internet threats continue to evolve, it’s becoming extremely important to make sure you protect yourself online. The first line of defense: passwords. Having a strong, hard-to-crack password is key to keeping the Internet thieves at bay. It is recommended to never have the same password or login details for any two sites, and you need to make sure your passwords aren’t something familiar enough to you that a hacker could easily figure it out. While these are important steps to take, you may end up with multiple passwords for different sites, which can be difficult to manage. Below are some tips for managing multiple passwords and keeping your information secure. Read more >>

  • Who Will Take Home the Globe? 2015 Golden Globe Predictions

    The 2015 Golden Globes, hosted (once again) by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (the always entertaining comedy duo), are this Sunday and the competition is sure to be fierce. We’ve got a wonderful selection of predictions to kick off this year’s awards season. We are only covering some of the categories from Film and Television. For a full list of this year’s nominees, click here. Read more >>