• Timeline


    • Windstream Completes Sale of Data Center Assets to TierPoint
    • Windstream completes tax-free spinoff of CS&L


    • Windstream appoints Tony Thomas President and CEO
    • Windstream announces next-generation TV entertainment service, "Kinetic"
    • Windstream acquires fixed wireless broadband provider, Business Only Broadband
    • Windstream opens fourth data center in Charlotte
    • Windstream deploys 100G long-haul express network
    • Windstream announces plans to spin off network assets into real estate investment trust (REIT)


    • Windstream joins FORTUNE 500
    • Windstream forms Windstream Holdings Inc., the new publicly traded parent company of Windstream Corp. and its subsidiaries
    • Windstream opens new data centers in Chicago, Nashville, Tenn., and Raleigh-Durham, N.C., increasing total data center footprint to 26 centers


    • Windstream acquires PAETEC, creating a nationwide communications and technology solutions provider


    • Windstream acquires KDL, a fiber-transport provider, and Norlight, a regional competitive local exchange carrier
    • Windstream acquires Hosted Solutions, a leading regional data center and managed hosting provider
    • Windstream acquires Iowa Telecommunications Services, Inc. and expands into Iowa and Minnesota
    • Windstream acquires NuVox Inc. and adds approximately 104,000 data and integrated solution connections in 16 states


    • Windstream voluntarily moves stock listing to NASDAQ exchange
    • Windstream acquires Lexcom, Inc. and adds approximately 22,000 access lines, 9,000 high-speed Internet customers, and 12,000 cable TV customers in North Carolina
    • Windstream acquires D&E Communications and adds approximately 145,000 access lines and about 45,000 high-speed Internet customers, and 9,000 cable TV customers in Pennsylvania
    • Windstream reaches milestone of 1 million high-speed Internet customers


    • Windstream completes split-off of directory publishing business, Windstream Yellow Pages, in a tax-free transaction to affiliates of Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stow, a private equity firm
    • Windstream acquires CT Communications, nearly doubling the company's presence in North Carolina with the addition of 132,000 access lines and 31,000 broadband customers


    • Windstream Corporation formed through the spinoff of Alltel's landline business and merger with VALOR Communications Group, serving 3.4 million access lines in 16 states.  Windstream Corporation common stock begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange, and the company is listed on the S&P 500 index


    • Alltel announces it will spin off its landline business and merge it with VALOR Communications Group


    • Alltel purchases about 600,000 local customer lines in Kentucky from Verizon


    • VALOR Telecom formed with the acquisition of telephone assets from GTE Southwest Corp


    • Alltel merges with Standard Group, Inc. of Cornelia, Ga., adding 71,000 customer lines, and completes merger with Aliant Communications of Lincoln, Neb., gaining 293,000 customer lines and 70,000 long-distance customers


    • Alltel begins offering its own long-distance service to customers for convenient bundled billing of services


    • Alltel acquires GTE's Georgia service area with 320,000 lines and its directory publishing business in the state


    • Allied and Mid-Continent Telephone Company of Ohio merge to form Alltel.  The combined company has 842,000 customer lines and is the nation's 5th largest local telephone company


    • Allied Telephone Company is founded in Little Rock, Ark., and eventually serves rural communities in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri