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    This information should be updated annually.


    Supplier Profile

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    Sub Contracting: Tier II Diversity Plan

    Does supplier use diverse companies (as listed below) to service or supply Windstream Communications
    Does supplier have a Diversity plan in place?
    Sub contracting diversity plan reporting: (fill in all applicable categories)
    • Minority: %
    • Women Owned: %
    • Veteran Owned: %
    • Disabled Veteran: %
    • Small Business: %

    Business Classification

    If your business is classified in one of the areas below, please check all that apply. For further clarification on small, minority or diverse business classifications, please see the SBA website: http://www.sba.gov/training/certprograms.html.

    Are you currently certified as an MBE, MWBE, or a DVBE?

    CERTIFICATION IS REQUIRED. To be classified as a minority, SDB, HUBZone or 8(a) business your firm must have certification of your status and be a minimum of 51% owned, operated and controlled by owners that are classified as diverse. In publicly held business, diverse owned members must own at least 51% of stock. Your firm may obtain certification directly through the Small Business Administration, or through other certifying agencies. Please attach a copy of your current certificate with this Profile to support the classification.

    SELF-CERTIFICATION ACCEPTED. To be classified as a Veteran, Service Disabled Veteran, Woman-Owned and/or Small Business, your firm may self-certify by checking this status and signing below. By signing you are stating in writing that your organization is at least 51% owned and operated by the classification indicated and that you are a small business as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Note: Windstream favors certification in most instances.

    *State Agency (if checked above):