• tuesdays tipTuesday’s Tip with Amanda: Getting the Most Out of Your Wireless Connection

    Having a wireless network in your home is a great way to have several devices online at one time. It also allows you to go from room to room without cords following you everywhere. In order to work properly, a wireless network needs to be set up correctly and maintained. With this in mind, here are some helpful tips for getting the most of your home wireless connection.

    1. Modem Placement
    Placement of your modem is very important. Think about where most of the online activity in your home happens and the setup of your home. If most of the online activity happens in the living room, consider placing your wireless modem there rather than in a bedroom where the signal may have to travel through several walls to get to the living room. Also, not all walls are created equal – older walls are typically thicker and can weaken the signal strength. One other thing to keep in mind, interference can be caused by appliances or energy efficient light bulbs.

    2. Number of Devices
    How many devices are online at the same time? When there are multiple devices online, the high-speed bandwidth is shared between them. Keep this in mind when your family is browsing the internet from a tablet, downloading content on a desktop and doing some online shopping from a smartphone all at the same time. It's a good idea to run speed tests to check your connection and manage appropriately.

    3. Troubleshooting
    When troubleshooting your wireless connection, the first thing you should try that can resolve many issues is simply power cycling your modem. This is done by turning off the power to the modem, leaving it off for a full 15 seconds, and then restarting the modem.

    You may also be able to determine if the wireless router is working correctly by wiring the device directly to the modem with an Ethernet cord. If an internet connection is present wired but not wireless, this may determine an issue with wireless connectivity.

    If you have further questions about wireless connections, visit our support section and browse our FAQ's or ask Wendy, our virtual customer service agent. Online support is available 24/7.

    A wireless connection may also lead to better personal health. Take it from me.

    In December 2012, with the new year approaching, I made the decision to get healthier. This seems to be a goal for many when a new year begins. The trick is sticking with it and there are several online tools which can help you keep that focus.

    Think about what improvements you want to make and set attainable goals. After determining the plan and goals right for you, get started! I began exercising. I searched online for a fitness tracker suitable for me, so I could keep track of my activity and duration.

    Hint: Trackers can be downloaded onto mobile devices as well, so you can access them from both your home network and away. If you are on the move, some trackers will tell you how many calories you have burned based on personal information you entered during set up.

    You can also track the foods you eat by entering daily meals and snacks. Some trackers like My Fitness Pal are loaded with nutritional information for the foods you enter. This helped me make changes to my eating habits. It also showed me what improvements I was making which eventually translated to results I could actually see in person. Such great motivation! 

    After some hard work changing some habits, and almost a year, I reached my goal. Am I done? No. I continue to use the fitness tracker daily to maintain what I have been doing. This keeps me accountable.

    It’s an everyday challenge. What works for me may not work for everyone but knowing the tools are available online makes it easier to pull out laptop and keep track. There are also tons of fitness trackers available, so find the one that works best for you to help you meet your goals!