• Who is Wendy?

    Wendy, our virtual agentMeet Wendy, Windstream’s virtual customer service agent. She is here to assist you with questions related to your service, as well as make your shopping experience an easy one. She is trained on all things Windstream and is ready to answer your product, service, and support related questions. Wendy’s goal is to help YOU. You shouldn’t have to be an expert on High-Speed Internet to purchase and use Windstream products or services.

    Interacting with Wendy is simple;, just type a question in her chat window and she will give you her best answer, or provide you with a link to the most relevant information that may be found elsewhere on Windstream’s website.

    What Can Wendy Help With?

    Maybe the better question is ‘What Can’t Wendy Help With?’ Wendy has gone through extensive training and her knowledge base is continually updated to better serve you. She can answer your questions about Windstream products and services, as well as, wireless networking, email set up, device troubleshooting, and even help you to understand your bill.

    Sample questions Wendy can help with:

    • What do I need to do to get signed up for service?
    • How do I move my service to a new location?
    • I have a question about a tax related charge on my bill.
    • Can you help me set up my Wi-Fi?
    • How do I set up my e-mail in Outlook?

    Remember, Wendy is a virtual agent, not a real person. She responds from a knowledge base of the most frequently asked questions and concerns of Windstream customers. If your specific issue or question is not within her realm of knowledge, she has been trained to direct you appropriately – either to a live chat representative or to an area of the website that may contain the information that you seek.

    See Wendy In Action

    Improving Wendy

    We are always looking to improve Wendy. Please help us make her better by completing the short survey at the end of each question letting us know if you found Wendy helpful.

    We invite you to chat with Wendy 24/7 for all of your Windstream questions!

    Need Help Now?

    Click here to ask Wendy your support related questions.

    You can also visit one of our product pages to test Wendy’s shopping skills.