• What is PC Protect?

    PC Protect is like “computer insurance.” It provides coverage for desktop or laptop hardware malfunction, as well as PC accidental damage. All tablets and e-readers are covered, as well as Apple or Mac computers.

    Specifically, PC Protect covers the following:

    Windows-based Operating Systems, including:

    • Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
    • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Edition
    • Microsoft® Windows® Vista Home Edition
    • Microsoft® Windows® Vista Professional Edition
    • Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Edition
    • Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional Edition
    • Microsoft® Windows® 8 Home Edition
    • Microsoft® Windows® 8 Professional Edition

    Hardware, including:

    • CPU unit
    • Standard Wired Keyboard
    • Standard Wired Mouse

    Certain software applications, such as:

    • Microsoft® Internet Explorer (current version)
    • Microsoft® Outlook Express (versions 4.0 and higher)
    • Microsoft® Office Products
      • Microsoft® Outlook® (versions 97 and higher)
      • Microsoft® Word (versions 97 and higher)
      • Microsoft® Excel (versions 97 and higher)
      • Microsoft® PowerPoint® (versions 97 and higher)
      • Microsoft® Access (versions 97 and higher)
      • Microsoft® FrontPage® (versions 98 and higher)
      • Microsoft® Publisher (versions 2000 and higher)
    • Microsoft® Works
    • Microsoft® Media Player
    • Real Media Player
    Windstream Shield
  • How to Activate Your PC Protect Service

    Register Your PC

    Log in here with your telephone number and email address. You will need information about your computer, which can be found by clicking the "Start" button at the bottom of your desktop, right-clicking "My Computer", and then clicking on "Properties".

    Toll Free Claims Center

    In the event your PC hardware fails, simply call (888) 273-0190 between the hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (ET), Monday through Friday for assistance with:

    • Windows Operating Systems
    • MS Office applications
    • Hardware failures
    • Accidental damage

    Remote Assistance and Repair

    A PC Protect Plan Representative can assist with downloading an application that allows "remote control" of your PC to begin diagnosing problems you may be experiencing. Please note that to receive Help Desk support you must be an active subscriber to the PC Protect Plan and have registered your PC.

    PC Repair

    • Nationwide network of repair technicians and depot repair centers
    • Once a claim request has been submitted, a technician will contact you within 48 hours to schedule an appointment, or we will ship a postage paid box for shipment of your PC to our depot repair. (Please note that your PC must be registered for 30 days to be eligible for repair or replacement.)

    For a complete description of coverage details, please see the PC Protect Plan Terms and Conditions.