• 2Wire - changing wireless encryption

    On my 2Wire router, how do I change my wireless encryption from WEP to WPA?

    DISCLAIMER: Windstream technical support does not provide troubleshooting support for this topic. This information is provided for your convenience. Please do not contact Windstream technical support in regards to changing your wireless encryption.

    Here’s how to setup or change the wireless encryption in the 2Wire.

    Note: It is best to do this from a computer that is connected to the 2Wire router with an Ethernet cable and not on a wireless connection.

    1. First access the 2Wire router interface by opening your web browser and typing in in the address bar. Click Go or press Enter.

    2. Click on the tab that is labeled Home Network and below on the grey bar click on Wireless Settings.

    3. Type admin for the system password and click on Submit.

    4. Under the Wireless Security category you can change the authentication from WEP to WPA. You can also choose to keep the same network key or to use a custom pass phrase.

    5. Once you have your desired settings, click on Save and close your browser.