• Bridging SpeedStream 4200/4300 modem

    How do I set my SpeedStream 4200/4300 in bridge mode?

    NOTE: These instructions are only for the SpeedStream 4200 or 5200 models. 

    1. Open up your browser and type in the Address bar.
    2. You may need to authenticate to go into the modem setup interface. Type in admin for both the user name and password. Click OK. If this screen does not come up, skip to step 3.
    3. This screen should appear. Click on the Apply button to bridge your SpeedStream 4200/5200 modem.
    4. After the bridging is complete, this screen will appear. A reboot is required for the settings to take effect. Click on the Reboot button.
    5. This is the last screen of the bridging process. After your modem finishes rebooting, the bridging process should be complete.
    If you want to restore your modem back to factory defaults, locate the RESET button on your modem:

    4200: On the back where the cords plug in
    5200: On the bottom of the modem near the product label

    Hold in the RESET button for 5 seconds and release the button. When the modem finishes booting up, it will return back to factory default settings again.