• Expired McAfee Service Notification

    What should I do if I received a notification that my McAfee service has expired?

    If you are receiving a toaster alert like the attached file below that says “McAfee Subscription Expired”, then follow these steps to resolve the issue:

    1) Verify you have an active McAfee subscription with Windstream. You can do this by calling 877-807-9463.

    2) If the issue persists, and you have an active McAfee subscription, then it may be necessary to re-install your software. To do this, please use the additional instructions provided below:

    A. Uninstall the existing McAfee Software. Go to your computers Control Panel. Select “Add or Remove Programs”. Locate “McAfee Security Center” and Uninstall.

    B. Log into your account on www.windstream.net.

    C. Select the Manage My Account Link. Login with your Internet login and password. Select the “Download Windstream Security Suite powered by McAfee” link. This will take you to your account on McAfee.com.

    D. Your account page at McAfee shows your products with an active subscription. Select your product to download.

    E. Download and Install your product.

    3) If you have Download issues, please visit: http://service.mcafee.com/ for support information directly from McAfee.