• How do I set up my Wi-Fi connection in Windows 7?

    How do I set up my Wi-Fi connection in Windows 7?

    Watch this short video to set up your wireless network in Windows 7. You can also scroll below for step-by-step instructions. 

    To set up your Windows 7 wireless connection, follow the below steps:

    1. From your desktop screen, you should see a wireless adapter status icon in your System Tray, next to your clock. Click on this icon as shown in the screenshot.


    2. After you click on that icon, a list of Wi-Fi networks should appear. Click on the Refresh icon to ensure you have a recent snapshot of Wi-Fi networks.


    3. Locate your wireless network name (SSID). If your wireless router has it's wireless radio broadcasting its Wi-Fi network (most have this by default), you should see your router's SSID listed on the list of networks.

    NOTE: For Windstream equipment, the wireless network name is located on the back bottom of the router next to SSID.


    4. Click on your SSID. Place a checkmark in Connect automatically and click on the Connect button.


    5. If your wireless router requires a key or password, this prompt should appear. Type in the key/password and then click OK.

    For Windstream's equipment, this password is located on the back bottom of the router, next to Network/Security Key.

    NOTE: Some keys/passwords are case-sensitive, make sure you use uppercase and lowercase letters appropriately.


    If you are successful, your wireless status icon should show the signal strength bars without the yellow asterisk.