• How to Change Your Wireless Network Name

    How do I change the name of my wireless network?

    The below information is for customers who purchased:
    1. Black wireless modem (WITH OR WITHOUT Windstream Logo)
    2. White wireless modem (WITHOUT Windstream Logo)

    **If you have a white (2-Wire) modem (WITH Windstream logo) click here for appropriate instructions on changing your password.

    This short video will help you change the name of your wireless network and password. You can also scroll below for step-by-step instructions.



    From your Windstream high-speed internet connection, click here to change the name of your wireless network and follow the steps below.
    * You must do this from your Windstream connection. It cannot be done from remote location.

    Step 1: Scroll down to ‘Wireless - Guest/Virtual Access Points’.

    wireless network change1

    Step 2: Click the first ‘Enabled’ box that isn’t currently checked.

    wireless network change22

    Step 3: In the SSID field to the right, type the wireless network name you want and click ‘Apply/Save’.

    wireless network change3

    Step 4: Now you need to change your wireless network password. To learn 'How to Change Your Wireless Network Password', click here.