• How do I create and send an email message?

    How do I create and send an email message?

    If your Windstream service began on or after Oct. 30, 2017, or if you were contacted about email migration, view our article for the newer webmail system. Otherwise, continue to the instructions below.

    Follow the steps below to create and send an email message:

    1. Click on the Messages tab
    2. Click Compose.
    3. If you want to include colors and text styles (bold, italics, underline) in your message, click Compose with Graphical Editor. See Using the Graphical Editor to compose a message for more information.
    4. Fill in the To, CC (Carbon Copy), and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) fields with e-mail addresses or address book display names (or both). See 'Sending Mail Using the Address Book' for more information on this. TIP: Use commas or semicolons to separate multiple addresses (ex. dave@abc.com, jill@def.com, chuck@ghi.com OR dave@abc.com; jill@def.com; chuck@ghi.com)
    5. Fill in the Subject field.
    6. Write your message in the main text field below the Subject line.
    7. Choose the Priority and Sensitivity for the message. Default value is Normal.
    8. Click Send to send the message.