• Can I record an entire TV series?

    Can I record an entire TV series?

    To schedule a recording from the Guide Screen, press the GUIDE key on your remote control. (You can also press the MENU key on your remote control and select LIVE, then GUIDE.)

    1. Use the ARROW keys on your remote control to navigate the Guide and highlight a program of the series you want to record. Press INFO.
    2. Select RECORD SERIES. TIP: Select SHOW TYPE if you want to limit the recordings to first-run programs only. You can also limit recordings to "Any Day Around the Scheduled Time", "Any Day, Anytime" or "Any Day, Anytime, Once Per Day".
    3. To add time in case the program runs long, select STOP RECORDING AT SCHEDULED END TIME.
    4. Press OK.
    5. Select a time and press OK.
    6. Select RECORD and press OK