• How do I set up Parental Controls?

    How do I set up Parental Controls?

    When you first access the Parental controls you will be prompted to create a PIN or Personal Identification Number. This 4 digit code can be used to lock or unlock channels.

    To Create a PIN:

    1. Press the Menu Key on your Remote.
    2. Use the right arrow to select the SETTINGS option.
    3. Use the Down Arrow to select PARENTAL CONTROLS and press OK.
    4. Select Parental Controls and press OK.
    5. If a PIN has already been created you will see an image that resembles a padlock. But if a PIN has not been created you will be prompted to create one using a 4 digit number of your choice using the number keys on your remote (Do not use 1111, 1234, 4321, etc.). You will be prompted to confirm your PIN. Make sure the PIN is a number that will not be easily be deciphered. 
    6. Scroll over and select LOCK and press OK.

    With parental controls you can now:

    • Lock rentals.
    • Lock specific channels.
    • Lock TV programs by ratings.
    • Lock movies by ratings.
    • Lock unrated movies and TV programs.
    • Lock DVR functions.
    • Lock VOD functions.
    • Perform Time locking.
    • Turn off parental locking, or turn it back on.
    • Change your PIN.

    When done, press EXIT TO TV to return to the program you were watching.