• How do I temporarily turn off Parental Controls?

    How do I temporarily turn off Parental Controls?

    You can temporarily disable your Parental Control settings to watch your full range of channels. Parental Controls can be enabled again when you are finished. If you have On Demand rentals locked using Parental Controls, you will still have to enter your PIN to view or purchase a program.

    1. To temporarily turn off your Parental Locking settings, press the MENU key to bring up the main menu.
    2. Use the RIGHT ARROW key to select SETTINGS.
    3. Press OK.
    4. Use the RIGHT ARROW to select PARENTAL CONTROLS and press OK
    5. Press OK on the Parental CONTROLS screen. 
    6. Enter your PIN using the NUMBER keys. The PARENTAL LOCKINGS SCREEN will appear.
    7. Use the arrow key to select TURN OFF LOCKING.
    8. Press OK.
    9. Use the DOWN ARROW key to select UNLOCK ALL TV FOR 4 HOURS.
    10. Press Ok.
    After 4 hours of viewing, parental control settings will automatically turn back on.