Kinetic Voice Manager Features

The Kinetic Voice Manager is a web interface allowing Kinetic digital voice customers to access and manage select calling features, access contacts and missed calls, and provide enhanced voicemail features. The Kinetic Voice Manager is included, free of charge, to digital voice (VoIP) enabled customers. Login to the Kinetic Voice Manager at

The following features are included:

  • Voicemail: All voicemail messages are displayed in a list within the Kinetic Voice Manager. Select specific messages to be played in any order, mark messages heard or new, delete and forward messages as needed. The user can also view missed, dialed, received or rejected calls through this voice manager.
  • Voicemail to Email: The Kinetic Voice Manager offers the ability to set up an email address to forward voicemails directly to the inbox. When a voicemail is received, an email will be sent containing a link to listen to the voicemail through the voice manager. The link will require you to log in to the voice manager to retrieve the message.
  • Voicemail Visual: Voicemails can be transcribed to text and read through the Kinetic Voice Manager.
  • Premium Call Forwarding: Never miss a call when away from your home or office by specifying a number to ring whenever your line is called.
    • Immediate forwarding- standard call forwarding feature.
    • No answer- calls are only forwarded if there is no answer after a certain amount of time.
    • Unavailable- calls will forward if you are unavailable due to a power outage or the line is unplugged.
    • Selected callers- calls will forward immediately if caller has been identified in a select caller list.
  • SimRing: Program a list of numbers to ring simultaneously for an incoming call in addition to your own number. The call can be answered from any of the designated numbers.
  • Screening: Allows the user to choose selective callers and reject unwanted numbers.
  • Speed Dial: Allows frequently called numbers to be shortcut by dialing a one-digit code.
  • Do Not Disturb: Allows blocking of your line temporarily to prevent incoming calls. This feature is only available through the Voice Manager Assistant.

For more information and instructions, download the Kinetic Voice Manager full user guide.

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