• What is Kinetic on the Go?

    Kinetic on the Go lets you watch select Kinetic programming without your TV. With Kinetic on the Go, you can view available episodes of favorite shows, full length movies, and live news and sports on your tablet, smartphone, laptop and computer. Kinetic on the Go is included at no extra cost on the Select and Preferred plans. Click here to learn more.

    Start Watching Kinetic on the Go

    You will need your Windstream.net email address and password to use Kinetic on the Go. Click here if you do not remember your Windstream.net email address or password.

    1. Select the Network below that you would like to watch by clicking on the logo. This network must be available in your Kinetic TV package channel line-up in order to gain access to content.
    2. Once on the network’s site, choose ‘Windstream Kinetic TV’ as your service provider. You will then be prompted to login using your Windstream.net email and password. Log in and now you are ready to enjoy Kinetic on the Go!

    On your smartphone or tablet, download the TV network's app from Google Play or the App Store. Log in using your Windstream.net email address and password.

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    How much is Kinetic on the Go service?
    Kinetic on the Go is free to qualifying Kinetic customers with the Select or Preferred TV package. The Basic TV package does not include Kinetic on the Go.

    Where can I watch Kinetic on the Go?
    The answer is just about everywhere. Kinetic on the Go works virtually anywhere you can receive an Internet signal: inside your house, at the office, shopping mall, hotel, airport, vacation home, etc. Wired connections and in-home Wi Fi will provide the best quality. The quality of Kinetic on the Go signals while roaming (airports, stores, etc.) will vary depending on the strength of the signal. Be extra careful when travelling, especially outside the US, as data roaming charges may apply.

    How do I know what networks I can watch with Kinetic on the Go?
    You must subscribe to a particular channel in order to view that channel’s content on your tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer. If your Kinetic TV package does not include the channel that you are trying to access, the access will be denied. For example, you must subscribe to the Kinetic TV package that includes A&E in order to watch A&E’s TV Everywhere content.
    Each TV network determines the programming they will make available for Kinetic on the Go. Full episodes of current shows are available within days of the premier on network TV. The service includes live TV as well as recorded programming.

    Why aren't all programs available?
    A TV network doesn't necessarily own all of the rights to all of the programs they transmit. A TV network may have the right to transmit a movie, but only to TV sets, not on a mobile application or website. So, it depends on the TV network.

    Will other networks become available?
    Yes. We are working with many different program providers to expand the number of networks and the number of available applications and websites. As new TV programmers are approved, we will update our website here.

    How do I access a specific application or website?
    It is really easy! When you download a network TV Everywhere app or visit their website, you will be prompted to login. Use your Windstream.net email address and password for access. If your Kinetic TV package does not include the channel that you are attempting to access, the access will be denied. To establish your Windstream.net login, click here.

    I forgot my Windstream.net email or password. How do I get it?
    If you do not remember your login credentials, click here and choose ‘I Forgot My Password’ or ‘I Forgot My Email Address’. These links will walk you through the process of obtaining login information.



    Kinetic on the Go offers content through http://www.windstream.com/kineticonthego/ and programmer supplied apps (e.g., Watch HGTV). The content accessible to individual subscribers depends on their Kinetic package (Preferred and Select packages only), device, location, and how they are accessing the content and will vary accordingly. Third party terms and conditions apply to programmer supplied apps.