• Wi-Fi Setup - Apple TV

    Wi-Fi Setup - Apple TV

    Apple TV will help you connect to your wireless network. If you use a password to access your network, have it ready.

    • For Windstream's F@ST 1704, the wireless network name is located on the bottom of the router next to SSID.
    • For Windstream's F@ST 1704, this password is also located on the bottom of the router, next to KEY.

    NOTE: Some keys/passwords are case-sensitive, so if it fails to connect, please make sure you use uppercase and lowercase letters appropriately.

    Use the Apple Remote to enter:

    • Your network from the list, or enter your network name if the network is hidden
    • Your password
    After you set up your network connection, your TV screen displays a five-digit passcode, which you'll need to enter in iTunes to sync or stream content to Apple TV.