• What is Whole Home Tech Support?

    Total coverage.

    Whole Home Tech Support is remote, enhanced technical support for 10 internet connected devices. If your issue involves software, networking or any device that plugs into a PC, chances are our experts can help you. You'll get your very own virtual IT department available all the time. That means 24/7/365 access to our expert technology desk to solve any PC problems you might encounter.

    Expert technical help can solve PC issues like:

    • Setting up a new PC and transferring files
    • Restoring your slow PC so it runs like new
    • Setting up a wireless network
    • Solving Windows problems
    • Fixing virus, spyware and security issues
    • Connecting your digital cameras, iPods or printers
    • Installing new software
    • Providing technical advice when buying new technology

    How it works:

    Tech Advisors use secure screen share technology to "see" your PC and diagnose problems. You can watch while they solve the issues or you can spend your valuable time doing other things on your to do list.

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