• Why Windstream Security Suite?

    Always on. Always protecting.

    Our Suite provides protection against the latest threats 24/7, requiring no action on your part.

    Always updating. Always upgrading.

    Windstream Security Suite software continually updates itself with new enhancements and upgrades delivered behind-the-scenes.

    Fast updates.

    Backed by renowned McAfee products, updates of any kind download faster.

    Easy to use.

    Our simple user interface is designed for ease of use. It's as quick as one button... Click. Protect. Go.

    Windstream Shield

    Giving You Peace of Mind

    Windstream Security Suite can help with common issues, such as:

    • Ridding your computer of viruses or spyware
    • Preventing viruses
    • Resolving slow computer speeds
    • Maintaining the value of your computer
    • Staying safe while shopping online
    Peace of mind for you.

    What You Need to Know

    • Unprotected or under-protected computers are the new currency of organized crime
    • 92% of all virus attacks arrive via the Internet
    • 80% of home computers are infected with Spyware or Adware
    • An unprotected PC connected to the Internet will be hijacked in less than 10 minutes of being connected online
    • Up to 80% of mail traffic is spam and/or viruses
    • Millions of users have suffered from identity theft fraud
    • 42% of parents do not review the content that their children read online and/or type in chat rooms and Instant Messengers.

    Protect your devices.