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We expect our suppliers to provide the same commitment to excellence that we give to each customer. The purchasing scope at Windstream covers products and services provided by suppliers, prioritized by urgency/need and opportunity. In order to inform you about potential opportunities with Windstream, we'll need some information about your company and the products/services you provide. Complete this form to get started.

Your information will be forwarded for analysis to a sourcing team, and someone from our staff will contact you if an appropriate opportunity for future business should arise. There will be no further need on your part to contact Windstream unless directed to do so by a member of our sourcing staff. Please review the Windstream Procurement Terms and Conditions.

Windstream Supplier Code of Ethics

It is the policy of Windstream to conduct business in a manner that is ethical and promotes the best interests of its customers, employees, and stockholders. Windstream expects its suppliers to be ethical and honest, comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and avoid any appearance of impropriety or conflict of interest. Windstream suppliers are never authorized to commit, or direct others to commit, any illegal or unethical act.

To assist you in meeting Windstream’s expectations, Windstream's Supplier Code of Ethics provides basic guidelines for important areas of business conduct. Windstream expects you to comply with these guidelines and use good judgment in applying them to your conduct as a Windstream supplier. If you do not comply with these guidelines, you may be subject to corrective action, up to and including termination of Windstream’s agreement with you.

Supplier Diversity

Windstream Procurement takes proactive measures to enable small businesses, and those owned by minorities, women, veterans, and service-disabled veterans, to fully participate as an integral part of our supplier base.

Supplier Diversity

Windstream reserves the right to select and negotiate with suppliers it finds qualified for competitive bidding, to terminate negotiations without incurring any liability and to reject any or all proposals received.

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