Secure Home Entry Sensor $20.00

The Entry Sensor detects when the sensor bar and the detector move apart. Keep an eye on any entry point into your home that opens and closes.

Control your system from anywhere, and know exactly which sensor tripped the alarm so you can curb false alarms. Discreet, sleek design blends into your home décor. Ambient Temperature Sensor.

1-3 Year Battery Life with low battery alerts, easy to install and move- mounted with adhesive backing, 1150 ft transmission range.

For this device to function properly, you must have Kinetic Secure Home service

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  • Protect anything you want:
    Kinetic's Entry Sensor works as a window alarm sensor, and protects other parts of your home as well. The Entry Sensor detects when the sensor bar and the detector move apart. Keep an eye on anything you want to keep off-limits that opens and closes, like your fridge or liquor cabinet.
  • Tips & Tricks:
    Place anywhere. The Entry Sensor isn't just for doors and windows - use it to secure cabinets, safes, or other areas around your home.
  • Guard Entry Points: Monitor the opening of doors and windows, and receive custom alerts if an intrusion is detected.
  • Protect Practically Anything: This versatile sensor lets you monitor anything that opens and closes; monitor safes, cabinets, and more!
  • Simple Setup: No power tools needed, just push-and-stick with included adhesive for easy installation.
  • Unique Activity Tracking: Track doors and windows as they open and close, and view a feed of all recorded activity so you always know what's happening at home.
  • Temperature Detection: View the current temperature detected at each sensor anytime in the Kinetic app.
  • Wire Free: This sensor's battery power keeps you secure during power outages without any messy wiring.
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32-122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dimensions: 2"x1.41"x0.43"
  • What's in the box?
    ×1 CR2450 battery

Protect Your Home Against Intruders, Theft, Crime and More with Kinetic Secure Home.

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