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How Much Speed Do You Need?

When looking at Internet broadband providers, be sure to consider what download bandwidth is right for you.

Breaking Down Bandwidth

How Does Bandwidth Work

Internet bandwidth is the measurement of how fast data can be sent over a wired or wireless connection, typically in bits per second (e.g. – 100 Mbps). While Internet speed is influenced by location and the number of network users, understanding how your bandwidth works can help you optimize the benefits of high-speed broadband in your home.

Today’s Connected Household

As more Internet-connected devices are added to the home, it’s important to understand current bandwidth needs, as well as anticipate future needs.

Do you own a smart TV connected to your home network? How many tablets, laptops, smartphones or computers are in your home? If you have multiple devices, you could be straining your current bandwidth.

Too many users could slow down your internet

The advantages of broadband Internet could be compromised on a busy network. Consider the number of users connected to your home Internet at once, especially during peak hours (8 – 10 p.m.) when the majority of devices are connected. Some devices may use more bandwidth than others, and having multiple users connected at once will contribute to a slower connection. Take a look at our bandwidth timeline to understand how much bandwidth your family may need to have an optimal Internet experience.

How much bandwidth does it take?

Have The Internet Bandwidth You Need

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