• How Does Bandwidth Work in My Home?

    While Internet speed is influenced by location and the number of network users, understanding how your Internet bandwidth works can help you determine which Windstream Internet Plan is ideal for your home and how multiple devices can strain your current bandwidth.

    Internet bandwidth refers to the measurement of how fast data can be sent over a wired or wireless connection, typically in bits per second. Bigger bandwidth means more data can flow through at the same time at a faster rate.

    Connected Home
  • The Connected Household

    As more Internet connected devices are added to the home, it’s important to understand your bandwidth needs and anticipate what they might be like in the future. Do you own a smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi to connect to your home network? How many tablets, laptops, smartphones or computers are in your home? Questions like these will help determine if you are straining your current bandwidth with multiple devices.

  • Multiple Users Lead to Slower Connections

    Another consideration is thinking about when the most users are connected to your home Internet. The peak hours when the majority of your devices are connected is between 8-10pm. Some devices may use more bandwidth than others, and having multiple users connected at once will contribute to a slower connection. Take a look at our bandwidth timeline to understand how much bandwidth your family may need to have an optimal Internet experience.

  • Movie Night

    Movie Night (5 Mbps Total)

    • Smart TV streaming Netflix in 1080p: 5 Mbps download speed
    Class Project

    Class Project (10.3 Mbps Total)

    • Web Surfing: 2 Mbps download speed
    • Streaming YouTube in 1080p: 8 Mbps download speed
    • Spotify Premium: 0.3 Mbps download speed
    Game Night

    Game Night (3 Mbps Total)

    • Xbox One online gaming: 3 Mbps download speed
    • Faster Internet Speeds for Your Home

      Interested in a higher Internet speed in your home? We are always working to provide a better Internet connection for all our customers through new network improvements. Find out if your household is eligible for a higher speed on our High-Speed Internet Plans page.

      For more tips and support on optimizing your Internet speed, visit our High-Speed Internet Support page.

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