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Kinetic leads the way with a new Whole Home Wi-Fi Set Up.

Customers can now be sure of the highest-quality signal strength in every room with Kinetic’s Whole Home Wi-Fi Set Up. This exclusive concierge service, provided by Kinetic’s skilled technicians, extends beyond the customers’ internet installation. Every house has a unique size, layout, and construction that affects the Wi-Fi signal’s range and strength. For that reason, our technicians inspect every corner of the home to examine the connection speed and eliminate any dead spots they find along the way.


Kinetic To Be the Nation’s Largest 8 Gig Internet Provider

In the coming weeks, Kinetic will offer 8 Gig speeds to more households than any other carrier, making it the nation’s largest 8 Gig internet provider. This is part of our commitment to bring faster speeds and more bandwidth to people in under-connected communities. 8 Gig provides customers the latest in Wi-Fi technology and the ability to future-proof their home with simultaneous access to gig speeds across devices with zero lag.

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