• How to: Program Your Dish Remote to New TV

    As technology continues to evolve, there will probably come a time when you want to upgrade your TV. Replacing your existing television will also require you to re-program your Dish remote in order to access your Dish service. This is an easy process and should not take long to complete. This article will walk you through 4 easy steps to program your Dish remote to your new TV.

    Programming a Dish Remote by Code
    Before you get started you will need to determine your remote’s code. You can find this in Dish Networks online support section. First, select your remote model, product type (TV) and TV manufacturer. You will be provided with a list of codes and their success rating. Write these codes down, you will need to reference them later. Start with the highest ranked code first and work your way down until you have successfully programmed your remote to your new TV. Once you have your remote code, follow the steps below to complete remote programming:

    1. Point your remote at the TV (it will need to remain pointed at the TV throughout the process) and press and hold the ‘TV’ mode button at the top of the remote (it is located beside the buttons for SAT, DVD, and AUX). All 4 of the mode buttons should light up.
    2. Enter the 3 digit code you wrote down earlier by using the number keys on the remote. This should make the TV button light up by itself now (The others will turn off).
    3. Press the pound button (#) on your remote, this should make the TV button flash 3 times.
    4. Press the power button on the remote. The TV should turn off if the all steps were done correctly. Once you have completed all of the steps you should be ready to start enjoying Dish again.