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5 Steps to Winning Your Fantasy Football League This Year

How? Our Windstream team has five key steps to put you on the path to victory!

Step One: Do Your Homework

There’s a lot of movement during the offseason, including the draft and trades. Know who’s on which teams. Is your favorite running back still going to be carrying the load this year? Or is a rookie expected to cut into his carries? Think about the quarterbacks, too. Are they pass-heavy offense, or does their team lean on the run game?

Step Two: Work Out Your Internet Solution before Your Draft

You’ve got to get your Internet speed up to par.
Just imagine: it’s almost your turn to draft. You’ve done the research and can see beyond the rankings that your opponents rely on. But as you’re about to select your breakout star, it happens. Bam! Your Internet connection goes out, and you’re stuck on auto-draft. Your stud gets picked up by another team, and there goes your fantasy football season.
Welcome to every fantasy football owners’ nightmare. It’s far time to say goodbye to that you-snooze-you-lose Internet. And say hello to Kinetic Internet. With speeds up to One Gig, Kinetic Internet will give you that fast, reliable connection to ensure that nightmare doesn’t become your reality.

Step Three: Own That Draft

Now that you’ve done your homework and set your Internet service, you’re ready to draft. Remember you’ll be on the clock, so don’t let that timer intimidate you.
Yes, yes. There are cheat sheets that show you rankings by position. And there are other (and more prized) cheat sheets that spit out value metrics per player. The key though? Drafting by position scarcity. That means prioritize the positions that don’t have as much depth — usually running backs.
And don’t cave when everybody goes for a quarterback in the second round and you don’t have one yet.

Step Four: Watch All the Games* and Stay Tuned to Injury Updates or Other News

OK, so you don’t have to watch all of the games. But do stay informed about your roster. Toggle between channels or even record your favorite games with DIRECTV’s packages. Be sure to catch the Sunday pre-kickoff fantasy shows that will give you week-by-week rankings by position, along with who won’t be playing.
If you’re on the fence about to who to play one week, plug the players you aren’t sure about in Fantasy Pro’s Who Should I Start? tool. (This can also help for those of you with flex positions in your leagues.)
And use your Kinetic Internet Wi-Fi to catch mobile updates from apps like Rotoworld and Bleacher Report that let you add your team roster and keep tabs on them at all times.

Step Five: Work that Waiver Wire

So you’ve been sitting high and mighty on that No. 1 spot for a few weeks. It’s still not the time to be complacent. Why? Think 2017 when Packers QB Aaron Rodgers went down in Week 6. If you had him, boo hoo, you’re looking for another quarterback. If you didn’t, and your team is completely fine, your competitor is now on the hunt for the next best thing. Don’t be afraid to clear up a roster spot for that very person your competitor wants. There may be a trade in the near future, and you could wind up with someone far more valuable.
Follow these five steps, and you’re sure to dominate your league.
Learn more about how Kinetic Internet with DIRECTV is your go-to for fantasy football and sports-entertainment.
*Blackout rules and other conditions apply.
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